We aim to offer something on our menu for every palette and every occasion. Take a look at the tasty treats our chefs can rustle up to cure your hunger. Our entire menu is available both for eat-in and take away.

Snacks x salads

Croque monsieur


Not your average ham and cheese toasty.

Caesar salad

Leaves, chicken, croutons, and love.


Beet salad

You don’t have to be Russian to enjoy this fresh delight.


Fries and pickles


Double fried potatoes with fresh pickles.

Salad nicoise


This salad is really Nice. 

Tempura veg


A selection of fried veg with a surprising dip.


Dumpling stew


Warm, filling, and delicious.

Catch of the day

A seafood platter with whatever’s good.


Couscous salad


More interesting than it sounds.

Mushroom quiche


We look after our vegetarian friends.


Scones and cream

An English classic with a modern twist.


Almond croissant

Nutty, rich, and fabulous.


Cinnamon bun


Dirty fingers means it’s delicious

Lemon cake


Drizzly goodness.

our specials

Lamb casserole


A hearty meal for the hungry.

Dried hake and new potatoes


Fresh fish served with a yummy sauce.

ours to go


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